Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spanish Plant Pots Online

If you enjoy the colours of Spain and want to add an authentic splash of Spanish colour to your garden or patio then why not take a look at your new range of Spanish plant pots online? 

Since 2012 we have been increasing your range of Spanish garden pots and now have three different types to choose from (including this latest delivery of floor pots), wall hanging pots are also available in the form of standard wall hanging planters and the ever popular 'Orza'. All Spanish plant pots are painted by hand and come frost proof ready for the winter so quality is guaranteed.

Your Spanish garden pots are available to purchase online and with great packaging plus a breakage replacement policy you can buy, brighten up your garden or simply add a touch of Spain in complete confidence!

Questions? No problem! Simply drop by Orce Serrano and send us an email (or give us a call if you prefer to speak to a human being!)

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