Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Terracotta Pot

terracotta puchero pot
A terracotta pot known as 'el puchero a mano' is making a comeback with outdoor cooking enthusiasts, an odd looking pot at first given the positioning of its two handles but a highly functional piece of Spanish terracotta.

Similar to the Spanish clay 'olla' (a round terracotta cooking pot with lid) the puchero a mano goes back a little further into the history of cooking over the open fire. There is one reason and one reason alone why there are two handles on the side of this puchero and that is to remove the stew, soup, caldo or rice dish from the fire without having to 'lean' over the heat.

Simple works and has no doubt saved numerous pairs of eyebrows over the decades. As unusual Spanish terracotta pieces the puchero a mano makes both a functional item of cookware as well as something unusual for the kitchen  - a storage jar with a difference or a nice piece of heavy clay for the kitchen.