Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Terracotta Chorizo Pigs

terracotta chorizo pigs

Chorizo pigs may be new to some however they have been manufactured in Spain for a good few years now, chorizo pigs are chorizo burners or kind of a ceramic grill made from terracotta the same way as a cazuela or other terracotta cookware so are resistant to heat. The chorizo pig as the name suggests is in the shape of a pig and is a vessel with enough depth to throw in a splash of vodka which when lit warms through your chorizo and creates a unique way of serving hot tapas.

Your chorizo pig serves one Spanish chorizo sausage as a time and are designed for the chorizo to be served on a kebab stick which allows it to be turned and warmed through from all sides (or at least until the vodka goes out!)

A truly novel way of serving Spanish chorizo tapas and fantastic for restaurants, obviously you don’t want customers cooking their own food but when it comes to presentation with a flame then the chorizo pig is absolutely ideal.

Available online as part of your terracotta cookware range and also *wholesale with worldwide shipping (*minimum orders apply)

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