Sunday, August 18, 2013

Terracotta Pudding Tray

terracotta pudding tray
The manufacturer calls this particular piece a 'terracotta pudding tray' which we think is a great name for some Spanish terracotta cookware! Although this tray looks very simple it is actually extremely versatile and of course very hard wearing.

Each tray measures 22cm x 13cm and is 7cm deep making it ideal for pudding such as Spanish rice pudding and other desserts such as crumbles. Given the shape and depth of the terarcotta pudding tray also means you bake your own bread loaves and they are also great for pies... steak and kidney pie in one of these terracotta trays is a pure delight and your pie will remain piping hot for a long time after it comes out the oven. Terracotta pudding trays are part of a new range of Spanish terracotta cookware being introduced to Orce Serrano Hams & Ceramics so if you are looking for something a little different with functionality and traditional rustic appeal then why not pop by the deli and take a look at the broad range of terracotta available.