Monday, June 24, 2013

Reclaimed Tiles from Spain

Reclaimed Spanish roof tiles by the pallet for a large project can be something hard to source - particularly if you are looking to have the tiles shipped overseas or outside of Spain, being based in Andalucia however does have its advantages.

Reclaimed roof tiles are still pretty hard to find though, even in what is probably one of the most rural parts of north east Granada. There are however a scattering of 'builders yards' in the region that regularly source these old roof tiles in various quantities for local home renovations which are in the main, cave homes and cortijo's in and around Orce village. Modern cave homes, although delightfully rustic inside do tend to have a more modern out-build on the front to house the kitchen and bathroom, these two rooms obviously needing to be plumbed in for water supply. In most cases the new build is rendered in a rustic way with textured cement or other finish and where the homeowner really wants to be authentic the roof is covered with reclaimed tiles hence local builders yards always keeping their eyes and ears open for supply.

Putting an old fashioned, hand made roof tile which has been weathered for decades next to a fresh new molded example you quickly realise that there is no comparison - the original item always wins! There is also no comparison in functional effect as years of hard baking in the sun coupled with hard winters and moderate rainfall high up in the Andalucian 'Sierras' has made these tiles tough and durable - so much so they are perfect for most roof applications, like terracotta which needs seasoning these hand made tiles have been seasoned for years making them perfect for the job as well as providing unique aesthetics.

Reclaimed Spanish roof tiles are now available for sourcing in palletised quantities so if you require traditional Andalucian roof tiles for your next project or out-build then why not get in touch with the estimated quantities you require?

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