Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orza Plant Pots

'Orza' roughly translated means 'pot', not just any old pot however but a specific style and shape - usually with handles, a good example of this would be the home cooked pork tenderloin 'lomo de orza' which was (and still is) cooked in a terracota pot of this specific design.

You may be wondering what Spanish pork dishes have to do with ceramic plant pots... well, its all about shape, the orza pot is a beautifully designed pot with handles at the top and a depth that makes it great for herbs such as basil or mint - hang a few of these around your outdoor kitchen and you will immediatly create some Andalucian influence on the patio with herbs at hand for adding fresh and crisp flavours to your cooking.

Of course Spanish ceramic garden pots add more than just functionality but also colour, if you have been inspired by Andalucian patios, terraces or the simplicity of adding colour in Spanish style then orza plant pots may well be for you. As well as making a great gift these pots are also frost proof so will stand the test of time providing a touch of Spain for any ocassion.

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