Monday, January 7, 2013

Reclaimed Spanish Roof Tiles

Reclaimed Spanish Roof Tile Candle Holder
New to the 2013 range comes a selection of reclaimed Spanish roof tiles. Old Spanish roof tiles used to be hand made in the traditional way and are favoured across Andalucia particularly in Granada cave dwellings as lighting features, in fact most Spanish cave houses use tile lighting in some shape or form as cave walls tend to be uneven, the tile is sunk into the cave rock and then plastered over resulting in a rustic light shade.

There are of course other ways to use reclaimed Spanish roof tiles and as they can be easily wall mounted they can also become a rustic feature in the more modern home, restaurant and even patio area. The unique thing about these tiles is that no two are the same, each has been weathered for decades (in some cases for over a century) on old farmouse and cortijo roofs in the Andalucian countryside resulting in each tile boasting different shades of colour, texture and being made by hand, shape.

Having looked at the final touches of interior design for our own Spanish cave some years ago we opted for rustic tile lighting and also came up with a few other simple ideas to offer a few more features for our cave house wall. The first step was to speak to our local ironmonger and ask his thoughts on attaching metal fixtures to the terracotta tiles so we left a few tiles with him and a few days later he came back with some samples (pictured above is the first). These simple yet attractive design ideas became so popular with friends, family and neighbours we thought we would introduce them to your online Spanish store, after some time (and gathering a whole range of other 'tiles') there is now a whole range of pieces to choose from.

Many of the roof tile lights, sconces and holders are completely unique and are therefore sold on an individual basis so if you see something you fancy you better be quick! Full details on the reclaimed roof tile range as well as other tiles and ceramic house signage can be seen HERE.

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