Monday, January 7, 2013

Reclaimed Spanish Roof Tiles

Reclaimed Spanish Roof Tile Candle Holder
New to the 2013 range comes a selection of reclaimed Spanish roof tiles. Old Spanish roof tiles used to be hand made in the traditional way and are favoured across Andalucia particularly in Granada cave dwellings as lighting features, in fact most Spanish cave houses use tile lighting in some shape or form as cave walls tend to be uneven, the tile is sunk into the cave rock and then plastered over resulting in a rustic light shade.

There are of course other ways to use reclaimed Spanish roof tiles and as they can be easily wall mounted they can also become a rustic feature in the more modern home, restaurant and even patio area. The unique thing about these tiles is that no two are the same, each has been weathered for decades (in some cases for over a century) on old farmouse and cortijo roofs in the Andalucian countryside resulting in each tile boasting different shades of colour, texture and being made by hand, shape.

Having looked at the final touches of interior design for our own Spanish cave some years ago we opted for rustic tile lighting and also came up with a few other simple ideas to offer a few more features for our cave house wall. The first step was to speak to our local ironmonger and ask his thoughts on attaching metal fixtures to the terracotta tiles so we left a few tiles with him and a few days later he came back with some samples (pictured above is the first). These simple yet attractive design ideas became so popular with friends, family and neighbours we thought we would introduce them to your online Spanish store, after some time (and gathering a whole range of other 'tiles') there is now a whole range of pieces to choose from.

Many of the roof tile lights, sconces and holders are completely unique and are therefore sold on an individual basis so if you see something you fancy you better be quick! Full details on the reclaimed roof tile range as well as other tiles and ceramic house signage can be seen HERE.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Spanish Product Sourcing

sourcing spanish products

Spanish Product Sourcing

Sourcing Spanish products, if you are a business outside Spain can be a time consuming process. Orce Serrano Hams & Ceramics is both based in and operates from southern Spain and is ideally positioned to source hard to find or specialist products either from our extensive list of producers or direct from new suppliers depending on your requirements. Established in 2005 our business already revolves around Spanish ceramics, gourmet foods and homewares and with contacts across many industries we specialise in sourcing typically Spanish products by brand, region or style.

We can save your business both time and money, practices in Spain are somewhat different to that of other countries but is an area we are familiar with, accompanied by extensive product knowledge, fluency in the language and warehouse facilities we have the solution and ability to make your Spanish product sourcing a smooth process from enquiry to delivery.


Timescales will vary depending on the product you need us to source but typically you will receive notification within 3 – 4 days. Some products such as specialist ceramics will require a 2 week production time as products of this nature tend to be made and painted to order. Food items can be organised more swiftly and in most cases (depending on quantity) can be dispatched within 7 working days.


Orce Serrano Hams & Ceramics operates from a warehouse in Andalucia (Granada province) and is capable of organising multi pallet shipments which can be particularly beneficial should you require products from different sources. Pallets can be re-packed, mixed and organised into one single shipment where applicable thus saving you additional transport charges.


We source from small to medium sized family run producers who, in the main do not have access to International distribution, this guarantees a thoroughly unique product.


Once we have sourced your product and the order confirmed the items will then be sent to our warehouse where, in the case of fragile items it will be re-packed ready for international transport – Spanish ceramics or glassware for example do not tend to be packed sufficiently well enough direct from production for shipping outside Spain so part of our service is ensure that goods reach you in excellent, undamaged condition. Re-packing is a free service.

International orders can be dispatched via courier which is suitable for when goods are required in a hurry, typically, depending on your location pallet shipments via courier will take 5 – 7 days to European countries (including the UK & Ireland) and 12 – 15 days for overseas destinations such as Australia or the USA. For when orders are non – urgent we offer an LCL service (less container load) which is the most economical method for overseas shipping. LCL shipments will reach destination in 6 – 8 weeks where additional time for customs inspection may be necessary.

Specialising in PR

Are you a PR company? Has your client requested a Spanish product? We can help you achieve something unique and typically Spanish. Personalised items can also be organised for larger orders where applicable and we will strive to meet your clients needs to the last detail. Our specialist knowledge and contacts will ensure that whatever criteria you need to achieve we can help you with a solution.

Need Something Different?

No problem! No matter what your requirements put us to the test… We can organise everything from Spanish terracotta money pigs and hand mixed clay for sculptors and artists to chorizo burners, gourmet ham pieces and even made to measure Andalucian curtains. Contact us now and see what we can do for you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spanish Olive Ceramics

Spanish olive ceramics

Visiting the manufacturers of hand painted Spanish pottery in Jaen always turns out to be a productive day, the three hour drive across Andalucia from Orce to the small town of Bailen in the Jaen region is certainly well worth it, a warm welcome is always received from family business owner Juan who is more than accommodating even on the busiest days. The main feature inside one of the three ajoining warehouses is the sixty foot oven where you can witness all manner of pots, jugs, plates and other ceramics enter one end and slowly make their through the one thousand degree heat where at the end they emerge and carefully slide onto rollers ready for cooling and later, a thorough quality inspection.

An oven of this size is of course an impressive piece of machinery, something that blends a modern aspect to a ceramics business with the most impressive part of the whole process - hand painting. A dozen or so skilled painters sit with a selection of colours, brushes and other painting tools in front of them carefully painting their designs on each piece. The speed at which this is done is mindboggling, a skill which is perfected and most certainly a natural talent, nurtured until it becomes almost second nature.

The range of patterns, colours and designs from Juan’s business is also impressive, indeed its hard to keep up with new designs as there are so many. “Which of these two designs do you prefer” he sometimes asks, Juan is a very savvy businessman so takes his opportunity, when one presents itself to aquire an English opinion. One designs that did catch our attention was a new ‘olivo’ style, the ‘olive gold’ range is a lovely mix of deep Spanish yellow and red indicative of the Spanish flag with green rim and olive branch design also detailing a red floral design. The olivo gold is a warming design yet still offering all the vibrance and personality that Spain has tom offer. Ceramic pieces are available in a tableware selection from small hand painted tapas servers to large fruit bowls, olive oil pourers, plates and platters.

olive tapas bowls
Given the speed at which these ceramics are painted it is hard to believe that they incorporate such fine detail but they do, a swirl of white to contrast the two main bold colours, olive leaves perfectly shaped and with each piece being completely unique you are guaranteed to enjoy a piece of real Spain. There is a certain character to hand painted Spanish ceramics such as these, unlike mass produced decorated pottery these pieces tend to shout out at you offering that hand painted touch, place two side by side an although the same design each will be different, they may emerge from a production line with a modern influence but the stages during that production could not be more different compared to mass produced pottery, care is even taken to stamp the base of each piece with ‘Hand made in Spain’.

The Olivo Gold range is available both retail and wholesale, customers can enjoy a large selection of hand painted pieces as well as some unique sets designed for the Spanish table and tapas party, the Olivo Gold range also makes a great gift. For wholesale customers the Olivo Gold range is one of many patterns available and we welcome you to request a wholesale pricelist detailing all of the colours and designs available.