Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue and White Ceramics from Andalucia

blue and white spanish ceramics

There is something about ‘Andalucian Blue’ which simply oozes southern Spain. Blue, white and a pale blend of sage green is typically from the Granada region, indeed if you walk into any Andalucian crafts or ceramics shop this design can be readily seen painted in these three traditional colours. Known as ‘Granadina’ which comes from the Spanish word for ‘pomigranite’ (where the city of Granada gets its name) ceramics from Granada typically detail the fruit itself but traditionally this has not always been the case with birds and animals also being popular in days gone by.

There are of course many other Spanish designs which feature the colour blue, the Alhambra for example influences the shapes and curvature of designs in many hand painted ceramic pieces – mostly painted in blue. Patterns vary between artists and artisans, some remaining with tradition while others adapt and create their own Andalucian blue designs – both are a joy and choosing is simply a matter of preference.

spanish ceramic sink design
One such Spanish ceramics producer who enjoys producing both traditional patterns and designs as well as exploring other variations is our supplier from the ceramics capital of Spain – Jaen. The blue designs featured here have a heavy Granada influence but offer a more flowing style on an antique white background instead of plain white. There are also no other colours in this ‘retro’ design but one thing it does have in common is the fact that it is hand painted… Skillfully finished by a team of experienced artists to see the strokes of this flowing blue pattern coming to formation on both large and small pieces really is an eye opener.

The retro blue design is currently available in several garden pot designs and also in a new range of Spanish ceramic sinks and basins. Currently only available wholesale we have scheduled these colours for availability through our main website in the coming year.

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