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Packing Spanish Ceramics

packing spanish ceramics
Packing Spanish ceramics is a time consuming process however it is well worth the effort to reduce breakages after all there is nothing more disappointing than to receive a parcel of fragile items which have been subject to a ‘rough ride’. The current modern approach is to use recyclable materials and that is exactly what we do but with a Spanish twist. The village of Orce is a typically rural Andalucian affair, if you have ever visited any of the tucked away white washed Spanish villages then you will have probably noticed one of two things – Spanish curiosity and friendliness.

In such a small village it is hard, if not impossible for the locals to not to catch on to what you do for a living so for the purposes of packing materials it has always been advantageous to speak to the local bar owners, news agents and indeed just the locals themselves to collect newspapers. The generosity never ceases to amaze with Spanish women stopping outside the door with a shopping buggy full of read newspapers!

Newspaper is good for packing ceramics, there is a knack to it but once mastered newspaper can protect everything from the smallest tapas server to the largest sangria jug as well as being a great void filler. If you have received a Spanish ceramics order from Orce Serrano Hams & Ceramics recently then you are guaranteed to have a copy of various ‘local rags’ from around the region! Recycled packaging materials have, over recent years been a point that many businesses tend to emphasis and rightly so, its good for the environment, saves waste, landfill and all those things but good old newspaper gets down to basics and in the case of wholesale orders we encourage our clients to re-use again for their own packing requirements.

What to do with your packaging? For wholesale orders customers are encouraged to use this FREE packaging as void fill and wrap their products safe for transit, if you retail Spanish ceramics promoting the fact that they are manufactured and come direct from Spain then what better than your customers orders arriving securely packaged in Spanish newspaper! If you are the lucky recipient of Spanish ceramic items then you can always recycle the newspapers again or alternatively use the paper for lighting the stove or keep them for the summer barbeque.

how to pack ceramics
The Pan Man

‘Pan’ ~ (Bread) Wrapping and packing terracotta cookware and hand painted ceramics obviously involves boxing up which is where our local Orce village ‘pan man’ comes in. Again a recyclable material these bread boxes are perfect for distribution of Spanish ceramics. Being big on recycling hence dramatically reducing costs and retail prices due to limited expenditure on materials these bread boxes are ideal for securing your order. Flat packed every Friday morning our bread man ‘aka Pete Pan’ puts his bread boxes outside ready for pickup  - a service Pete appreciates as it saves him waste disposal and offers you good genuine packing material which is in another stage of recycle.

Securing a Safe Delivery

Some Spanish ceramics require extra attention, those with handles such as sangria jugs or a pack of tapas trays in a bundle. In this instance single ply cardboard offers extra protection against cracks and breakages, again cushioned in newspaper. There are however going to be occasions where a breakage does occur, unfortunately the nature of the products and their fragility dictate that accidents will happen from time to time which is why we offer a no quibble replacement policy on both retail and trade orders.

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