Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jarapa Floor Cushions

jarapa floor cushion
Jarapa floor cushions are one of those artisan products from Spain which are completely unique in every sense of the word. Jarapas or Andalucian rugs from which these special cushions are made are all different - no two are exactly the same due to the manufacturing process which can still be seen using traditional wooden looms today.

spanish jarapa cushionTo compliment a new Spanish home wares section we were looking for something unique, in fact so unique that it had to be made especially for us - welcome jarapa cushions!

Jarapa cushions come in two different sizes, 60cm x 40cm as a standard size and the luxurious and very large floor cushions which measure in at 70cm x 130cm. Having cushions well over a meter long does require some floor space however these jarapa cushions really are something special! Made from long haired or 'shaggy' jarapas these cushions are soft yet heavily textured offering a luxurious feel, they are also available in various colours and being so unique are sold individually.

Cushions are made by a family run, artisan manufacturer in Andalucia southern Spain and each cushion is finished by hand. Complete with zip and liner means that these cushions can also be washed (cold wash only) and are extremely hard wearing. If you are looking for something from Spain to compliment your home then consider a jarapa floor cushion to add some real Spanish character!

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