Monday, November 5, 2012

Ceramic Apliques from Granada

Ceramic 'apliques' can be seen all over Andalucia, on restaurant walls, in the tapas bars and outdoors on the courtyard wall or house facia. The aplique itself is a very simple design, similar to an antique roof tile the aplique can also be used as a light shade - in this case as an uplighter.

Spanish apliques vary considerably in shape, size and design, traditional models are usually carved from hand moulded clay and finished in bare terracotta, more intricate and painted apliques can detail almost anything from Spanish scenes, towns and villages to simple and typical patterns such as the blue and white glazed style seen here.

Sticking with the hand made nature of local ceramics these new apliques as well as a brand new range of different designs are due to hit the virtual shelves in December 2012. Had made by artisan Juan Manuel each aplique is original and unique and come in range of shapes from tapered (pictured) to square, rectangular and hand carved designs - either in simple terracotta or hand  glazed and painted. Full of character for Spanish restaurants, tapas bars and even the home or conservatory apliques can be shipped worldwide.

Full range due for the 2012 winter season.

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