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Spanish Ceramics – Merchandising a Market Stall

Merchandising a market stall with your first range of Spanish ceramics is an exciting prospect, looking forward to a busy day serving customers and selling your wares as well as turning over a healthy profit is what market trading is all about but how do you maximise sales through merchandising the stall itself? Appearance, organisation and clever merchandising is where a good sale can turn into a ‘very’ good sale and this can be achieved in a number of ways – luckily your Spanish ceramics will do all the hard work for you as far as colour and originality is concerned, if you have decided to add Spanish ceramics to your range then you have made a good choice.

cazuelas Australia
Display by Artesano
Keep it Simple!

Having a clean fresh look to your stall is essential, one way to achieve this is to use plain fabric which will visually enhance the product to your customers, hand painted Spanish ceramics are quite ‘busy’ through their own design so plain blacks, whites and greens are a good choice for tablecloths or fabric used to cover your tables or stall fixtures.

Using Props

Using props is a good idea to both make your market stall stand out and to help sell your product. Props need to be simply done, complimentary to your range of ceramics and suggestive where possible so that customers are offered an opportunity to easily envisage how a certain product can be used and its purpose. If your business deals with terracotta cookware then one of the best props available is food… Terracotta cazuelas and other clay cookware is designed to do just that, cook! An arrangement of colours through food will both extenuate the terracotta and bring it to life, use garlic bulbs (an essential Mediterranean ingredient), lemons and tomatoes simply and your cookware is immediately sending out the correct message. Think about how your stall will shout SPAIN! Will a Spanish flag fit in with your set up or perhaps Spanish material? Props also do not have to be visual, they can also be something to hear such as Spanish music.

Hot Spots

spanish ceramics Australia
Display by Artesano
In retail terms a ‘hot spot’ is a product (or group of products) which are placed strategically around a store, in the case of shelving or gondola end fixtures these products are almost always at ‘eye level’ (therefore intentionally hard to ignore!). Your market stall will be different but the same concept can still be applied – depending on your stall location discover which way the majority of the footfall comes from then place your display/top sellers in front of the passing public. Larger items such as cazuelas and sangria jugs always stand out at the back of a table display with smaller tapas dishes taking up the front space. The afore mentioned props can also help direct the eye to a specific display or group of products on special offer or new to the range direct from Spain


spanish sangria jug and tubos from granadaSpanish ceramics of all types are suitable for grouping. Grouping is essentially placing like for like products or products which are complimentary to each other to together creating a ‘pack’ or ‘set’ which when done well should offer the customer a better price compared to purchasing the products separately and also functionality as well as potential ‘solutions’ to gift ideas. A few good examples of grouping would be a nest of cazuelas, containing six terracotta cazuelas ranging from 8cm to 18cm, Sangria jugs are complimented by glasses (tubos) of the same design, tapas bowls can be arranged in odd numbers of three and five and almost every type of cookware can be organised into a ‘set’ offering originality.


Hand painted ceramics come in several different colours so uniformity is crucial to a tidy and organised display on the market stall, we recommend keeping colours together in batches. For terracotta displays all products are the same colour so merchandising by size and shape is more effective ie: round products such as cazuelas need to be grouped together, square shapes and oval designs should follow suit and smaller items arranged in the same way towards the front of the display.


Point of sale is just as effective on a market stall as it is in the largest of chain stores and high street retailers - point of sale speaks, educates and offers persuasive messages such as current offers, pricing and much more. You will have seen POS in retail stores, known as ‘shouters’ or ‘barkers’ these are the messages found on shelving (almost always at ‘hotspot’/eye level), there are of course larger examples of POS but on a market stall every inch of space is valuable and with limited promotional space small is the new big. Decide which messages will have the most impact for your market stall, and display them at key points within your display ie:


The use of simple and highly visual information on the photograph (right) works well through its simplicity, as a laminated printout this particular use of POS has a strong emphasis on Spain as it details photographs of the manufacturers premises, his product with the simple message ‘Made in Spain’, a clever and non costly way of getting the message across to customers. Need Spanish product photos for your point of sale material? No problem, simply drop us an email with your order and what you would like to display. In the case of Spanish hand painted ceramics each item (even smaller tapas bowls) have a stamp on the base stating ‘Hand Painted ~ Made in Spain’.

product knowledge - using spanish cazuelasProduct Knowledge

So the pitch looks fantastic, vibrant, very Spanish, ready for business and the early bird customers are beginning to filter through the market, armed with the right product knowledge you can feel confident in advising anyone on your range of Spanish hand painted ceramics and terracotta cookware. This is important if you sell or plan to sell terracotta cookware – don’t worry the instructions are very simple so much so we have created a ‘Buyers Guide to Spanish Terracotta’ (PDF) if you would like a FREE copy simply contact us

Do you run a market stall and are looking for something different? Why not drop us an email or visit the website to discover more?

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