Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Wash a Jarapa

how to wash a jarapa rug
Washing a Spanish jarapa will depend on the type of jarapa you have, some jarapas are thicker than others and of course, they come in different sizes. Larger jarapas cannot generally be washed in the domestic washing machine so it is better to take these larger rugs to the launderette. Jarapas that are full of water are also incredibly heavy - especially long haired or fluffy jarapas, this is also something to consider when hanging your jarapa on the line to dry as even a smaller wet jarapa will add considerable weight.

When your jarapa arrives it is a good idea to give the rug a good shake, this will loosen any excess cotton which your hoover will thank you for later as will your washing machine.

Jarapas are made from recycled material so temperatures are best kept low – a 30 degree cycle is more than sufficient. After removing your jarapa from the washing machine it is advisable to check the washine machine filter which is usually located at the front near the bottom of the machine. Remove the filter and give it a quick rinse to remove any excess fluff or stray cotton, this is important especially after the first time you wash your jarapa.

Spanish jarapas also achieve a fresh look after a thorough hoover, hoovering removes all the dust and dirt that can settle in between the weaving so unless your jarapa has suffered a stain or spillage a good hoover may be all that is required to restore the vibrant colours and texture of the cotton. There will be however a time when every jarapa needs a wash so here are some basic guidelines:

·       Shake the jarapa to remove excess dust.

·       Always use a cold wash.

·       Long haired jarapas should be tumble dried to enhance appearance and depth.

·       Do not bleach.

·       Do not iron.

·       Do not dry clean.

Arabe Material
washing spanish fabrics and cushions 
Spanish arabe material, similarly to jarapas is made from recycled materials so need to be washed on a cold cycle – 30 degrees is more than warm enough for this fabric.

Curtains, table runners, sofa covers, bed spreads and cushion covers (inc other authentic products made from ‘arabe’ material on this website) can all be machine washed on a cold cycle. For drying you can either hang outdoors to dry naturally or use your tumble dryer.

·       Please note that your ‘arabe’ material can only be cool ironed.

·       Do not bleach.

·       Do not dry clean.

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