Friday, October 19, 2012

Cooking in Terracotta

Cooking with Spanish Terracotta
Cooking in Spanish terracotta? The first thing you need to read is this. Preparation is the key as cooking with almost all types of terracotta cookware soaking is required first before introducing to heat.

Pictured left is a Spanish terracotta cazuela (we call it 'old faithful') as its 8 years old and has been used over every heat we have including the bbq, grill, in the oven, clay oven, on the hob, in the microwave and over the open fire. A cracking piece of kit for only a few euros. (Recipe in this picture is Spanish meatballs with a egg cracked in the center)

Some of the more commonly asked questions we get asked about our terracotta cooking equipment are:

Q. Can I use my cazuela on the barbeque?
A. Yes

Q. Is my Spanish terracotta suitable for the gas hob?
A. Yes

Q. I have leftover food can I freeze it in a terracotta dish?
A. Yes.

Q. Is terracotta cookware suitable for the microwave?
A. Yes

Q. Do I need to soak my terracotta tableware such as sangria jugs etc?
A. No, only cookware needs to be soaked however soaking terracotta tableware will increase the longevity of the item as it will 'toughen up' the clay and offer a higher degree of protection when washed/handled etc.

Q. Can I wash my terracotta in the dishwasher?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the best sized cazuela for tapas?
A. Depends on the tapas being served but generally a 12cm cazuela covers most tapas, we do however suggest considering other terracotta items for tapas serving, example here.

For further information on Spanish terracotta cookware click here

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