Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spanish Terracotta Casserole

Spanish Terracotta Casserole
Spanish terracotta casseroles come in a rather large range of shapes and sizes, pictured left is something new we just had to try and see how it performed in the kitchen. You can already find a more traditionally shaped terracotta casserole on your terracotta page here but with this particular model offering more volume we thought it would be worth investigating further.

This casserole is actually the baby brother in the range, at 3ltr capacity however it is by no means small and will certainly serve 5 - 6 people with a hearty winter lamb stew which is what we cooked here. Although this particular casserole is quite large it will however fit in a standard sized domestic sink to soak overnight (preferably) which is essential prior to use (the lid also needs to be immersed in water).

Having used this casserole for the first time to cook a stew for 4 people we can honestly say that it performs very well indeed. Our particular lamb 'hotpot' was slow cooked in the oven although as with all terracotta cookware it can also be used on the gas hob. The casserole is also easy to handle having two albeit small but practical handles on each side which makes removing from the hot oven very easy. The lid is also easily removed and as for aesthetics - this casserole boasts an element of style, a timeless design whilst remaining rustic enough to always remind you that it is a typically Spanish Mediterranean piece...

Spanish Lamb Hotpot Recipe

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