Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shallow Cazuelas

Shallow cazuela
Spanish cazuelas are well known for their cooking capabilities, terracotta is after all great cookware but given the numerous shapes, sizes and designs the Spanish cazuela comes in it is worth keeping the cazuela in mind for not just cooking but also serving.

Shallow cazuelas or 'super planas' (super flat) are suited to a number of tasks, hold one in your hands (especially if you have an outdoor clay oven) and 'pizza' will spring to mind almost immediately! The super plana cazuela boasts all the characteristics of any other terracotta cookware item, it needs to be looked after the same way (see 'seasoning a cazuela), it can withstand heat from all the usual sources from the gas hob to the open fire, but bring one of these cazuelas to the table and you have a typically Spanish and very rustic way of serving your food.

One characteristic the super plana cazuela has, is its thickness especially larger more heavyweight examples. The finish on these pieces is also more on the rustic side with a textured glaze so you wont find any 'perfectly finished' glaze on this terracotta which all adds to the charm. Sizes vary from the smaller 17cm cazuela up to the big examples reaching over 40cm, the latter being weighty, substantial pieces of terracotta.

Pictured above is barbequed chicken, but racks of ribs, sliced butterflied lamb, escalivada, pork and a whole host of other oven cooked or barbequed meats and vegetables can look fantastic on this terracotta.

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