Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cazuela Meatballs

cazuela meatballs
There are quite a few Spanish recipes these days adopting 'Cazuela' in their title and why not? The cazuela is certainly one of the most frequently used items of terracotta cookware in the Spanish kitchen and in any case, for this recipe, 'Cazuela Meatballs' sounds a lot better than 'Frying Pan Meatballs'!

Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce is one of those recipes which can be served as a main meal or for tapas and absolutely must be cooked in a cazuela - its almost against the rules not to..! The beauty of this dish and the cazuela itself is that it can be cooked both indoors and out.

A good size cazuela for cooking Spanish meatballs is one of 23cm in diameter or slightly larger, this is because you need a certain amount of 'depth' to get those meatballs cooking in a piping hot tomato salsa. For serving, one of the best and most simple ways it simply to place the cazuela center of the table and let everyone dig in, don't forget the fresh crusty bread for mopping up that delicious tomato salsa!

Full Spanish Meatball recipe here.

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