Monday, August 27, 2012

Spanish Terracotta Coffee Mugs

spanish terracotta coffee mugs
Spanish terracotta coffee mugs are fantastically efficient, terracotta keeps your coffee warm, insulates and also looks great. Strictly speaking a coffee 'mug' should have a handle of sorts but in true Andalucian style these mugs are designed with simplicity in mind - hot coffee, no handles to crack whilst delivering a true Mediterranean feel to the breakfast or indeed lunchtime table.

Pop a swirl of cream on top of your torrefacto in one of these and you can almost be in Spain! Terracotta, whilst keeping drinks hot also has the reverse effect and can keep drinks cool so these coffee mugs whilst designed for primarily coffee also double up as a short beer glass - quick tapas, cold beer...

Each piece measures 10cm tall and has a diameter of 7cm making them ideal for the Spanish restaurant, tapas party and general day to to day enjoyment. If you already have Spanish terracotta in your kitchen then these pieces will certainly compliment your collection - Cazuelas will get the guests asking questions, terracotta coffee mugs will be loved by everyone!

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