Friday, July 20, 2012

Spanish Garden Ceramics

Pottery from Spain is unique, you can see Spanish pottery in all its guises from the terracotta cazuela in the Spanish kitchen, the clay sangria pitcher on the table to the striking planters and pots dotted around the facias and gardens of the typically whitewashed Spanish village house. Spain is about colour, vibrance and personality and there is nothing quite like Spanish ceramics to offer all three of these qualities, from the simple to the elaborate and the functional Spain has established itself as one the most highly respected producers of Mediterranean ceramics today and with good reason.

Receiving a pallet of Spanish ceramics solely for the purposes of product photography is an exciting prospect both for us and our manufacturer. Having spoken to ‘Juan’ (a very agreeable and visionary businessman) we arranged a full consignment of no less than sixty garden pots. Thirty of these pots were to be hand painted in every design the factory makes from Granada blues, Bailen greens, Olivo reds, yellows and all else from their artistic range in between. The other thirty pots were to be delivered in plain terracotta thus offering a multitude of choice and design for you, our customer and business clients as far afield as Australia, each pot also comes in a range of sizes offering even more choice.

Couple this consignment of Spanish garden pots with two brand new ranges to the ceramic tableware selection we had our work cut out to get the photography right both for the summer season and also for your website - as they say a picture speaks a thousand words, very rarely do we use suppliers images and never stock photography as what you see in the image is an example of what you actually receive. In the case of larger wholesale orders however it is better to get a ‘feel’ for the product, to examine it in front of you, feel the weight in your hands or test it in the oven, this is why we think its a good idea for us to send you samples prior to committing to a large order.

Purchasing Samples:

Samples of Spanish pottery can be purchased with generous discounts to the trade and due to ‘free’ sample requests almost weekly we do charge for postage, after all if we didn’t there would be no business left! The good news however is that your samples are actually ‘free’ as we will deduct the total price from your first future invoice, this keeps things fair for everyone and enables us to forge relationships with serious, proactive businesses. All the Spanish ceramics and terracotta cookware/tableware on the website is available and with a continually expanding range of hand painted garden pots and decorative ceramics you are sure to be able to find something both you and your customers will enjoy.

Why so many garden pots? The answer is simple, the factory has basically hand painted the vast majority of their designs which we can now show to you through a comprehensive wholesale pricelist. Terracotta items are permanently in stock but the hand painted range takes a couple of weeks to produce (depending on order size), with so many different designs, sizes and styles not even the factory itself can keep everything in at the same time so with such a vast range we thought it would be a good idea to combine all designs together where they can be detailed in all their splendour.

90 products – 500 photographs!

It has to said that the Spanish sunshine is the photographers best friend, no creating artificial light and you can snap away without too much manipulation of the camera. The Spanish sun also creates a more natural picture which is good as this means the end result will be as realistic as it can be leaving the imagination to concentrate on how the products may look merchandised on the shelf, in the restaurant or how your retail planogram may transpire – not on how the colours and characteristics of the product may differ from your expectations.

Product photography is described by some as an art form and we are by no means professionals we just think its better to let the product itself do the talking and let the camera and natural light do the rest! A weekend photo shoot is an exciting prospect, especially in this case as not even we had seen the entire range of hand painted ceramics, opening a large delivery of hand painted pottery was almost like Christmas morning! We do tend to get very enthusiastic about new lines so with so much to choose from it was a case of having to contain the excitement and creating an order in which each product would be shot, not only for your website but also the media, blogs and documentation, to say the patio was awash with colour would be an understatement!

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