Monday, July 16, 2012

Hand Thrown Spanish Pottery

Getting to know how something is made, particularly artisan crafts is something we always like to find out, far from simply throwing a few products on a web page we think that you should also get to discover the where's, the how's and the who's in the world of Spanish ceramics.

Meet Juan Manuel, a Spanish potter who first got his hands on clay at five years old. Juan's workshop/studio is situated in one of the back streets in the town of Guadix, Granada. We have visited him before in the past either to pick up stock, discuss new ideas or simply to pop by and say hello if we were passing through. This time though was a little different as we had a VIP guest joining us all the way from Sydney based Artesano in Australia. One of several trips involved popping by to see Juan who in typical fashion was on fine form, so much so when asked if he could demonstrate making a few pieces he jumped at the chance.

To see skill like this up close, in situ and to be able to listen to the craftsman himself while he worked was certainly an experience, the speed in which Juan made a sangria jug was simply astounding. He did of course make something that is very difficult to do look very easy.

Enjoy the video!

You can see hand made ceramics from Gaudix on this page or alternatively if you live in Australia pop into Artesano.

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