Thursday, June 7, 2012

Terracotta Cooking Sets

Terracotta cazuela sets from Spain
Looking for a Spanish gift idea for the enthusiastic cook or simply need to upgrade your existing selection of terracotta cookware? Consider a terracotta cooking set made up from various pieces from terracotta tapas serving trays, cazuelas, casseroles and other clay cooking equipment.

Venture into any Spanish kitchen and you will see a whole range of cazuelas and terracotta, usually looking very used having seen plenty of previous action on the Spanish barbeque grill!

A terracotta cooking set will stand the test of time, as rustic and very durable cookware there is also the added benefit of 'cooking in clay' which offers an element of satisfaction knowing that your food has been bubbling away in a traditional vessel which has been used for generations in every Spanish and indeed Mediterranean kitchen.

The beginning of 2012 saw a new terracotta cookware supplier aboard and we have been enjoying their products over recent months both with barbeque and clay oven cooking as well as getting these fabulous items on our website.

To discover these unique and inspirational terracotta sets why not pop into our Cazuela Sets page or if you are looking for individual terracotta cookware take a look here.

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