Sunday, May 6, 2012

Deep Terracotta Frying Pans

Terracotta frying pans are a handy piece of cookware especially if you plan to cook outdoors. Essentially a large terracotta cazuela with a handle these frying pans have a good depth making them ideal for cooking stews, chowders or rice based dishes.

A couple of new arrivals just in are 20cm and 25cm terracotta pans. Lovely, thick terracotta makes these pieces of Spanish cookware quite substantial and reassuringly heavy.

Remaining as versatile as the Spanish cazuela these pans are also suitable simply for serving food or keeping food warm due to the insulation qualities of the terracotta, serving cous cous would be a good example or even salads, shellfish and a whole host of other dishes. As with all terracotta this cookware needs to be soaked and due to its thickness we would recommend submersing these in water for at least 6 hours or even overnight to ensure they are seasoned properly before their first introduction to heat.

Discover more new ranges of Spanish terracotta cookware here.

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