Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Cure a Cazuela

seasoning Spanish terracotta

'Curing' or 'seasoning' an earthenware cazuela or indeed any piece of Spanish terracotta cookware is vital to ensure its longevity. Place your terracotta directly in the oven or on the grill without getting it prepped up to heat first and you run the run the risk of cracking your Spanish cookware almost before it has even been used...

The good news is that seasoning or curing terracotta cookware from Spain is easy - very easy, in fact all you need is water and a little time to let that terracotta soak:

Upon receipt of your terracotta it may be tempting to start cooking! However, your cazuelas or terracotta cookware will be very much as they left the production factory in Spain so will need a little care. Unseasoned cazuelas are more fragile than seasoned ones and especially those that have been well used for cooking. When your terracotta arrives the best thing to do is start running the tap...

For your simple and easy to understand guide on how to cure Spanish terracotta cookware, read more here

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