Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Spanish Ceramics

Spanish bowl
Red Spanish ceramics are highly popular in Spain, bright colours always are and the design we have here is no exeption.

Made in the Andalucian province of 'Jaen' this relatively new design is already making its way out of Spain destined for foreign shores. The floral design is a new feature and is combined with typical patterns from the other Jaen ranges blended with deep oranges, striking greens and of course Spanish yellow.

Currently, this new range is only available wholesale but will be due to hit the virtual shelves by Summer 2012. Catering for all designs and functions, this striking new pattern is also available on no less than four dozen ceramic pieces from sangria jugs and plates to bowls as pictured here and small tapas servers. For the adventurous garden centre manager this design can also be painted onto garden pots, planters and other ceramic garden wares.

To discover more about this range and other Spanish ceramics please visit our website. Orce Serrano Hams.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cazuelas Abombadas

Cazuelas 'Abombadas' are a different kind of Spanish terracotta dish so what distinguishes them from standard Spanish cazuelas and what are the differences?

Firstly, the cazuela abombada can be used in exactly the same way as a standard clay dish, you can place your cazuela in the microwave, cook food in it on the hob, the barbeque and in the oven - the main difference is the shape... Cazuelas 'abombadas' have curved sides and they are also slightly deeper than standard cazuelas making them ideal for serving food and your favourite tapas. Looking after your cazuelas is done in exactly the same way buy soaking in water before the first introduction to heat, the only other minor difference is that cazuelas abombadas are fully glazed on the outer as well as the inner so do not have that rustic appearance compared to some standard terracotta dishes.

For something a little different to serve your Spanish food then the cazuela abombada will certainly add both the charm of Spanish terracotta as well as functionality to the table, cazuelas abombadas are also available in the full array of sizes you would expect from the smallest to the giants in the range - a selection to meet almost any task in the Spanish kitchen!

View cazuelas 'abombadas'