Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terracotta 'Gres'

Spanish terracotta comes in a vast range of sizes and designs - even colours so when it comes to terracotta cookware then you needn't look past the 'cazuela'.

The cazuela is well known for its basic shape and versatility in the kitchen and is usually glazed in a rustic brown either fully or partially. There is however another type of cazuela, exactly the same as its brown cousins the cream cazuela or 'gres' cazuela boasts something a little more.
'Gres' cazuelas are tougher and are ideal for introducing over high heat such as outdoor clay ovens or over the hot coals of a barbeque. Gres cazuelas (and other terracotta glazed in the same way) are baked at higher temperatures and they are also cooked not once but twice.

The result is a piece of terracotta cookware that is stronger, more durable and one that has a higher resistance to heat. Basic soaking to gres terracotta is the same as other standard terracotta and when looked after will stand the test of time in even the most demanding cooks kitchen.

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