Friday, February 10, 2012

Wholesale Spanish Cazuelas

We love Spanish cazuelas, we have to! Besides from having a nest of these terracotta dishes in our own kitchen which are used almost on a daily basis for cooking and having a couple on the patio which have seen better days now housing Spanish cactus the Spanish cazuela delivery makes a regular appearance being delivered to our office in Orce village.

The image to the left is the beginnings of no less than 2-3 days wrapping and packing to make sure the terracotta arrives at its destination in one piece. Each cazuela is wrapped individually, made safe for the journey and has enough Spanish newspaper to secure a Chinese Ming vase! Why do we do this? Well with ceramics of any description you can never be too careful, we have to consider the rushed forklift truck driver unloading pallets at the other end, rough voyages and also basic transportation at the Spanish end as well as at destination.

Its worth saying at this point that packaging comes free as we have an army of local village newspaper readers who are more than happy to drop off their weekly collection of 'El Pais' at the door, not only is this newspaper recycled once but used again all over the world as our customers and distributors rightly take advantage of the packing in their own distribution of the product.

We have been asked in the past why we open and re-pack our cazuelas and the answer is simple... Spanish deliveries are designed for Spain, not national shipping so to ensure the lowest percentage of breakages possible we feel that spending the time prior to dispatch is well worth it in the long run.

Artesano recently brought in around 2000 pieces from their terracotta and ceramics range. This was packed into 40 large boxes and palletised before making its long trip from Orce in Spain all the way to Sydney Australia, which is a very long trip for boxes of ceramics to take! Iain and Gayle individually wrapped each and every piece of ceramic or terracotta ware. In addition for the more fragile items they wrapped them in individual cardboard casing. This is an amazing amount of work, we know, as we had to unpack it all! ~ Artesano, Australia.

One of the main issues in shipping fragile ceramics internationally and indeed nationally is breakages. If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of potential shipments outside Spain then we are more than happy to discuss your concerns and requirements, simply pop into our main website and follow the links.