Friday, January 27, 2012

Tapas Cazuelas

Tapas - a Spanish tradition dating back decades and still only 'really' free in the Granada province. Spanish tapas have, without doubt gained significant popularity within Europe and also worldwide as far away as Australia and Japan and of course across the pond in the US.

Having lived in Spain since 2004 we are lucky enough to still enjoy free tapas in our local village, somehow, no matter how hard we try to get our heads around it charging for tapas just seems to defeat the whole object of the tradition, however it would be fair to say that a gastronomic historical tradition such as tapas was always fairly ripe for exploitation and even the beginnings of a few restaurant chains elsewhere in Europe.

No matter what your view is on Spanish tapas, how they are cooked, served, charged for or otherwise there does remain the issue of serving... The Spanish cazuela remains as popular as ever so we have introduced a couple of new lines to the terracotta range. Named 'Tapas Cazuelas' these clay dishes are exactly that - a dish, with no handles, straight sides and a half glazed rustic finish these 12cm cazuelas are just the job for serving a whole host of tapas, salsas and anything else you can make, they also look great on the table and can be introduced to heat and cooked in just like the standard terracotta 'cazuela'

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