Friday, November 11, 2011

Spanish Tapas Bowls

Spanish tapas ~ probably Spain's most famous cultural export and something of a growing phenomenon both within Europe and worldwide. Of course tapas in the Granada region of southern Spain are one of the few places where your 'tapas' remain free with a beer or glass of wine. Entering a Spanish tapas bar is like entering no other, not quite knowing what is coming up with your drink, it could be as simple as a bowl of salted almonds or serrano ham with bread or it could be something much more complex and hot such as gambas al pil pil (chili garlic prawns), clams in tomato salsa or pork stew... delicious!

Tapas are of course small bites of food, perhaps a couple of Spanish meatballs served with some fresh crusty bread or some sliced chorizo but no matter what the tapa is needs a serving dish, bowl or platter. Ceramics made in Granada are typical of what you may expect to see tapas served in whether it be in the tapas bar, restaurant or round at the Spanish neighbours. The typical Granada design is blue, white and green normally depicting the pomegranite fruit from which the city "Granada" gets its name.

Granada tapas bowls are very Spanish, usually simply painted (always by hand) like in the photos above but there are more complex hand painted designs which we will cover later on. For simple tapas and a typically Andalucian display then these ceramics deliver both the colours of Andalucia as well as functionality and a little piece of 'real Spain'

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