Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spanish Ceramics - Bailen Range

It must be said that we have been looking forward to getting this range of hand painted ceramics on the site for a while now. After seeing them in production during a visit to the manufacturer in Jaen it was obvious that this range was something special, smart and detailed with colours that just ooze Spain...

It took a month or two but finally we are pleased to announce the launch of this new range with 16 lines including a few combinations and ceramic gift ideas.
It is not really until you actually hold these pieces in your hands that you appreciate the weight and quality of the workmanship. Larger bowls such as salad bowls and fruit bowls are lovely weighty pieces and of course the bigger the ceramic the more detailed the painting becomes.

A secret blend of paints produce the striking colours of this Bailen range. Using deep reds and mottled greens these two main colours are also decorated with mustard yellows and plain white before being glazed for a second time which enhances the colours even more.

The Bailen range is also known as the 'Baecula' range. Both names apply to the same thing which is the town of Bailen in the Jaen region of southern Spain. Bailen as it is now known used to be called Baecula up until the 19th century where a battle took place and the town was re-named.

You can discover the new Bailen range here and discover a selection of unique hand painted bowls, oil pourers, dishes and also some herbs and spices storage solutions to add some real Spanish flair in the kitchen. Worldwide shipping.

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